Must see music videos of the Year !

Hey guys, I found this one browsing the pages of Rockol Uk and I just couldn’t have enough of that. Now is being broadcasted everywhere but still … not enough ! So I decidet to join the craze and republish the last Pharrell videos. Kudos to this guy !


Best app for filmmakers ? Here we are !

Hi guys, check out this video from Film Riot: I agree with them this could be THE definitive filmmaker iPhone app ! The only problem ? There’s no Android version, as yet: so, while we’re waiting, you can check some alternative app list on AppAdvice and Freapp.

In the meanwhile, for all the iPhone owners, enjoy !

My Holiday in Rimini

Ah, summer days!People who try the Hotel Fiera always want to come back. And I understand them, of course: take a look at those sparkling fountains, for example. If you’re looking for some relaxing days to recharge your batteries, they got what it takes.

I’ve been here for one week and it was one of the best week of my entire life 😀 I found me one of the best hotel holiday in Rimini (thank you guys!) and just … relaxed !

The thermal mineral water, which has a temperature of 52°C, is perfect for those who want to try the mud bathing therapy. Rimini is the best place to match well-being and health care treaments with a classic holiday on the seaside.

A short video showing a bird’s eye view of Bibione and its stunning coast. As you can see from the images, the sea is bright blue and the golden color of the beaches rule over this magnificent seascape. But hey, even if we know that Bibione is cool when seen from above, we recommend you to take a closer look at it at the ground level: you’re not going to get disappointed!

An amateur’s video taken during the annual Beach Volley Marathon, the huge international sport event held in Rimini every summer. What? You’re not seeing any volley there? Oh, right: we forgot to mention that the Venetians have become nation-wide famous for their spritz, a cocktail mostly served as an aperitif. The drink is made of white wine and some bitter liqueur (mostly Aperol or Campari) and then topped off with mineral water. Sprits is commonly served with ice and a slice of fresh orange. Do like the guys in the video: taste it in Bibione!